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We are an electrical engineering specialized company bridging the marine and land sectors, offering comprehensive electrical installation solutions. Our extensive expertise covers both environments, delivering advanced, technically reliable, efficient services.

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Our company provides versatile electrical engineering solutions for various vessels in the maritime sector. We specialize in designing, implementing, and maintaining electrical systems on passenger ships, drilling platforms, container ships, and other marine units. Our services ensure not only maritime safety but also excellent efficiency in extreme conditions.


We deliver technically advanced electrical solutions for various facilities, including industrial and commercial buildings. Our offerings include the design and installation of lighting systems, industrial automation, electrical panels and emergency power systems. We support our clients in achieving energy savings and operational reliability.


Our company emphasizes quality, innovation and sustainable technologies. Our engineers and technicians have extensive qualifications and experience, enabling them to meet the most demanding challenges at sea and on land. We operate with environmental protection in mind, utilizing eco-friendly technologies and promoting energy efficiency.
You can trust our experience, supported by quality and safety management systems. We strive for excellence in electrical engineering, integrating maritime tradition with modern land technologies. Our company serves as a connection between world od land and see, delivering services of the highest quality.


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